Caroline Margaux

Aux Industries


Accredited Design Engineer and CNC plasma and router machinist. Holds licences for classes I to XI heavy machinery and lifts. Bachelors degrees in Philosophy of Science and Physics, minors in neurosciences and astrophysics from the University of San Francisco. Currently an apprentice and member of the San Francisco local 510 Sign and Display union working primarily as a Tradeshow installer; building booths, displays, rigging and applying complex graphics to buildings for Bay Area trade shows. In addition, as an independent contractor with access to specialty machines and tools, building custom interactive plexiglass, metal and wood fabrications in collaboration with artists, events and spaces stimulating new experiences with users and audiences in many environments. Custom pieces range from small wearable technologies to custom mappable illusion rooms and stages.

I began experimenting on myself in 2011 inspired by academic research on perception, synaesthesia, physics and the visual system and discovered the world of makerspaces and microcontrollers. After playing with arduinos and raspberry pis for a couple years and Inspired in part by my grandfather’s lighting company, I started focusing on LEDs embedded in objects paired with analog sensor systems to create interactive systems to control and display information. In 2014 I joined Terra Incognita, a large fabrication workshop and with the help of a new found carpentry partner, began to skill up and scale up projects. I enjoy teaching and skill sharing immensely. I have taught to large and small groups basic and more advanced Soldering workshops, Physics of E and M, Psychophysics, wearable LEDs and shop safety classes.

My ultimate goal is to create beautiful, thought provoking sustainable environments through LED lighting and LED embedded objects that affects a sense of being, embodiment and sensory identity while acting as attractive interfaces for complex, personal data, hopefully leading a user to a more connected life that doesn’t necessitate an interface that turns visual attention from experiences. I imagine my work attempts to extend the human experience with the cosmos, ourselves included.


Floatra @ Symbiosis

Hyper Dimensional Illusion Displays and Tables

Luna Flora


Sanctuary Art Car

Temple of Tension

The Genie Experience

Wombship @ Global Eclipse