Matty Hudgens

FB : Matthew Matt

Skills:   Human Dynamics and leadership, Project Design and Development, Fabrication

Bio:    Matt is a multifaceted human being with both valuable team building and relational skills as well skills with hands on labor and organizing.

He worked on the fabrication and final development of the Geometric Light Spire for the Wombship Temple at Oregon Eclipse festival. He Worked on many art projects with Elemental and Industrial Candy, as well as many of his own art projects for burning man. One of them being a sound activated light structure that was the initial inspiration and technology for the Sound Puddle at both Apogaea and Burningman.

Matts greatest skill is turning visions into physical reality. He has an inmate skill in seeing how materials and tools can be used to in special ways to generate a desired outcome. In essence, he is a puzzle solver.  In his other life he solves the pain and health puzzles of human beings with needles and electricity.