My father passed away two months before I was born. My grandmother the seamstress fashionista, my mother the Registered Nurse, and my two older sisters all helped to raise me. My father had been a professional athlete, both in soccer and swimming, and earned his way from Brazil to the US on athletic scholarship. Without his positive influence in my life, and with the nurturance of strong feminine energy all around me, I became incredibly sensitive to the world around me, emotionally expressive and intuitively keen to details. I have, however, continued to have an insatiable appetite for athletic play, exercise and acrobatics. My family am I were always poor, yet this humbled me to appreciate the utility of imagination. I would spend hours in the woods beside my family's home curating elven dwellings out of sticks and logs while raking and collecting rubbish off the ground from years past to form new trails into new worlds dreamed out of watching cartoons. Dancing with my warrior's staff, I would carve the wind with my swirling energy to make the crowns of trees dance and clouds undulate.

Growing up around hospitals and nursing homes, I became aware of the dark side of the health industry. The alchemy of food thus became my medicine. As I be

It was during these years that a cultivation began, and I came to realize myself as a “Re-fusionist”, an emergent eco-socio-strategy-artist that sought to merge my responsibilities as a steward of our beautiful planet with as many industries of art and science I could learn to wield in one lifetime.

I’ve always had just enough to get by, and this propelled me to live through the love and support of everyone around me. I began my work as a volunteer in a hospital cafeteria; then, as a sales rep outside my native Boston; as a chef in London; a waiter in Sydney; a volunteer Earthshipper on Easter Island and Cologne, Germany. I traveled through Africa to meet textile cooperatives and build community. I went to Burning Man for 8 years to push myself to master the elements, prime my creative prowess and become a better builder, organizer and strategist. And I created a nonprofit in order to start building my dream to create Labyrinth Artnasiums on the ground and an online library in the cloud; a library that shall share free education tutorials on how to live healthy and build sustainably on this planet. I aim to express how just a little faith may achieve abundance. This is my story...


Activism Painting Womens March 2017

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Earthship Music School

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