Denise “Fawn” Dambrackas

Medulla, LLC



I’ve been an artist all of my life. I was trained as a painter, via a BFA in 1995. I've lead and worked on two big group creations within Burning man in the past 10 years. I make my living as a graphic designer, working for myself for over 20 years building brands and lots and lots of websites.

My skills include:

Drawing and Oil Painting

Everything print and digital including web design and development.

Carpentry, metal working, paper, mortar and all of those together

Team Leader, design – build, creative problem solving, innate spatial intelligence.

At the age of 5, I drew the floorplan of my house, as if a bird were seeing it, without a roof. According to my dad, it was pretty close. Stairwell, closets and all.

I dream inside of interior spaces. The specifics of the floorplans and the architectural details of the rooms that I visit at night often remain with me. I look for secret doorways in my waking life.

I love my life. I get to work for myself as a graphic artist, making clients' dreams come true and devote myself to my oil painting passion, to make my own dreams come true, whenever I have the time.

My dream to once again be part in designing and building physical experiences that take up space and put the observer in an active role within the art, as they become the unpredictable subject of the artists’ creation, is emerging once again and I'm ecstatic.

Syzygy -- Element 11

Various Art Installs

Xpat Alien