KRIS YOUNG (EvErywhErE or Everything)

Elemental: The warehouse

Konstant-Products:  Engineering services

Industrial Candy:  Art Collective

I'm a maker of spaces; I believe art at its best brings people closer to the reality they sometimes forget to notice.  I strive to bring a sense of wonder and connection by presenting the world through a slightly different lens.  

I am an Opto-Mechanical Engineer who specializes in 3d modeling, prototype design and fabrication.  His first major installation at Burning was The Black Rock Glacier in 2005. Since that time he has worked on 6 more honorarium projects (Basura Sagrada, Grooviks Cube, Temple of Flux, The Temple of Juno,  Xylophage Temple of Grace, and Temple of Promise) as well as a handful of smaller installations.

In 2013 he founded Elemental in Boulder Colorado as a place to bridge the gap between maker spaces, private studios, and fabrication shops. At the same time the Industrial Candy Collective took shape as a loosely knit group of artists who worked and played under the Elemental umbrella.  Today Elemental is located in larger warehouse next to the St Johns bridge in Portland Oregon, while the Candy Collective has ties to artists throughout the pacific NW, and California in addition to it's roots in Colorado.

Anahasana Entrance

Cherry Tree


Gravity S(t)imulator

Industrial Candy

Smaller Pieces


Working and Performing