Tectonic Design


Instagram : dylan_ohala
General contractor, sustainability consultant, ecopreneur, installation artist, maker.

My mission is to create a tectonic shift in our current building paradigm, one that creates regenerative systems through permaculture design. I intend to build structures and homes that meet the needs of humans while reducing our carbon footprint, sequestering carbon and creating upward spirals of positive change. There are only solutions. I have dreams of creating affordable, efficient dwellings.

Being able to cultivate interactive experiences for folks that inspire positive change toward reducing our consumption, reusing our resources and recycling excess. I have a passion for building with up-cycled, reclaimed and salvaged materials. We live in a world of abundance and even excess, it is just a matter of shifting our perspective to see what resources are all around us.

I am learning all that I can about sustainable building techniques, regenerative systems design and sequestering carbon.


Eclipse Boat

Electric Forest


Vertex Build