NevLo Project (501c3), Future Proper

FB: Abbey Road
Instagram: ahh_bee0
Traveler, Teacher, Helper, Healer, Builder, Artist, & Visionary

Regeneration, Celebration & Ceremony  

General Contractor & Earthship Biotecture, Design using alternative/reclaimed materials, Regenerative Consulting, Community building, outreach, & education

Education/Experience: Environmental Sciences & Peace Studies & Conflict Resolution (focus in environmental resolution), Earthship Biotecture Academy

Co-Founder & Co-Director of NevLo Project

School Yoga Institute (200hr), Cranial Sacral Therapy, Reiki, Plants, Herbs & Mushrooms 

Festival Spaces- Burning Man, Breathe, Oregon Eclipse, Unify

Creator of Activation Art: intentional use of symbols and glyphs to support healing and well being, customizable pieces

I began traveling 10 years ago, while on the road, my intentions of simply gathering experience evolved into a search for perspective and purpose. I was lead to India where I began working with The Green Path on a community center and eco hub in the heart of Bangalore. Experiencing first hand the global need for reform, and having a new found appreciation for the privilege of my own life, I was reawakened and needed to take action.

I attended the Earthship Academy in Taos, NM. Here I learned to view waste as a resource and how to design structures and buildings that worked with the natural world instead of against it. I continued to build with Earthship Biotecture, taking me around the southwest and then finally back to Europe as lead design and build for the bottle walls.

Holding firmly to the belief that a thriving and sustainable life should be accessible to everyone, I began to explore alternative avenues for off-grid designs and low cost materials. Working on projects ranging from outdoor kitchens, to earthbag domes, building with stones, garbage, and cow manure, my ‘work’ became my service.

Nevlo Project (501c3) was founded at the end of 2016, as community based educational platform. Building the bridge between mind and body, work and play, spirit and science, waste and resource, We dream of creating a collaborative world where our earthly resources are honored, education is free, and creative expression is valued.

Presently, in addition to building and design, my path has taken me into the circles of elders, weaving the word and remembering what has been forgotten. Gaining understanding and expanding the vision, in order to integrate and embody, the fullest spectrum of thriving, balanced, and holistic life.

Iam here. Descendant of the stars, daughter of the desert, relative of the trees, protector of the waters; to remember, to initiate action, to help, and to heal. To honor seven generations past, to nourish seven generations forward, an ally of this Earth. Dancing in service to love. Dancing in service to joy. Dancing in service to all life everywhere. Iam here.

Aho, Mitakuye oyasi


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Hummingbird Community

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